Do you use e-mail to promote your small business?

Do you use e-mail to market your business? Make sure you pay attention to federal law regarding business e-mails.

Don’t just keep your financial information in your head

Don’t be the only one who knows how to access your family’s financial information.

Depositing your next check is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Did you know our new Treasury Management Mobile app makes depositing checks a breeze? You can deposit business checks into your account quickly and securely from your smartphone any time of the day.

Our Treasury Management Mobile App is an essential tool for fraud prevention

Our new Treasury Management Mobile app makes it easy and convenient to detect and stop fraudulent transactions before they even happen. This is an essential tool for fraud prevention that every business owner should have in their back pocket… literally.

What is the purpose of an appraisal in the mortgage process?

Do you have questions about the appraisal process within a mortgage application?

Home Sweet Home

Are you purchasing a new home? Congratulations! We have a wide range of home loan options available.

A First Look at the Treasury Management Mobile App

Have you heard the great news? First Utah Bank has a new tool that will make managing your business on the go even easier. As a regular user of First Utah Bank’s Business Internet Banking, you’re almost there. With the same security and authentication, the Treasury Management Mobile app lets you stay on top of […]

Are You Ready for a Rise in Home Lending Interest Rates?

It’s no secret that interest rates for home lending and other loans (except maybe for credit cards) has been at historic lows for several years. But be prepared. They cannot stay low forever. When the interest rate on your home lending mortgage or other credit instruments goes up, as it will inevitably, will you be […]

Home Lending Tips – How to Choose the Mortgage that’s Right for You

You might be ready to buy a home. Or perhaps the term on your mortgage is coming to an end, and it’s time to refinance. With all the home lending options on the market, how do you choose the mortgage that’s right for you? The place to start is by learning some lending basics. A […]

Personal banking tips: Pre-authorized bill payments

Paying bills is one of the most important parts of personal banking. Most of us have bills we must pay every month or every two months. Pre-authorized debits allow you to automate the payment of utilities, taxes and other regular bills on time, saving you time and adding convenience. You can set up pre-authorized bill […]