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We are pleased to offer Messenger – a free service that allows you to receive account activity alerts via email, text message, or online notification.

Messenger Account Activity Alerts Image

Messenger is available through Personal Internet Banking. If you already have access, there is no need to enroll for Messenger. Simply log on to Internet Banking and locate the Messenger Center above the list of your accounts. Through the Messenger Center, you will have the ability to receive, set-up or review alerts. Don’t use Personal Internet Banking? Just ask us to set up the alerts for you.

The following alerts are available:

Checking Account Alerts
Alert Type Functionality
Check(s) Posted* Receive a listing of all checks that have cleared your checking account each day.
Electronic Withdrawal(s) Posted* Receive a listing of all electronic withdrawals (debit card, ACH, ATM, Internet Banking transfers) debited from your checking account each day.
Single Check Clear Be alerted when a specific check clears your account.
Deposit* Anytime a deposit is made to your checking account, you’ll receive an alert.
Low Balance Notification anytime your checking account drops below your specified balance.
Presentments* Receive a listing of all credits and debits that are scheduled to post each day.


Savings Account Alerts
Alert Type Functionality
Withdrawal* Be alerted when a withdrawal from your savings account occurs.
Deposit* Anytime a deposit is made to your savings account, you’ll receive an alert.
Low Balance Notification anytime your savings account drops below your specified balance.

 *Some alerts are formatted using columns and may not transmit clearly through text messaging.

Certificate of Deposit Account Alerts
Alert Type Functionality
Interest Payment We’ll send an alert when interest is posted to your CD.
Maturity Notification when your CD is approaching maturity (we’ll send the alert when the account is within one month of the maturity date).


Loan Alerts
Alert Type Functionality
Payment Due Receive a friendly reminder when your regular loan payment is due (principal & interest payments, only).
Payment Past Due Notification when your loan payment is 10 days past due.
Payment Received Be alerted when we’ve received a loan payment.
Maturity Notification when your loan is approaching maturity (we’ll send the alert when the account is within one month of the maturity date).
Available Credit Notification anytime your revolving line available credit drops below your specified amount.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Messenger Secure?
Yes. If an account number is included in an alert message, the number will be masked, showing only the last three digits.

How do I set up Messenger alerts?
To set up new alerts through Personal Internet Banking:
(1) Log in.
(2) Click on the menu option titled “Messenger”. Once the Message Center window appears, click on the link titled “Messenger”.
(3) Click on “Setup New Alert” and choose your desired alert type. Click the Next button and follow the prompts to enter information specific to the alert.
(4) From the “Send To” pull down list, select email if you would like to receive an email or text, select online if you would like alerts to be received in your message inbox (accessible through Personal Internet Banking).
(5) Once you click the Finish button, you’ll receive confirmation that your message has been established.
If you do not have Personal Internet Banking, contact us and we’d be happy to set the alert up for you.

How many alerts may I set up?
You may set up as many alerts as you’d like.

Can I remove scheduled messages?
Yes. You can manage your messages through the Message Center in Personal Internet Banking. You may change alert preferences and/or delete scheduled alerts all together.

How long does it take to receive a Messenger alert?
Text message and email alerts may arrive in as little as 20 minutes, depending upon the type of alert and how often the corresponding account information changes.

Is there a fee to use Messenger?
No. First Utah Bank provides this service at no cost to you. Contact your cell phone carrier for any standard charges that may apply to text messaging. Messenger alerts may also be set up as traditional email messages if you do not wish to receive them via text.

How do I request that a message be sent to me through text messaging?
To have your message sent to your mobile device, see the list of common wireless phone service providers and the associated domains below. Type in your complete phone number (include area code) before the “@” symbol. This will be the address that you enter in the “Send To” field when setting up a new email alert.



Service Provider Domain
Boost Mobile
US Cellular